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Frequently Asked Questions

Important Information For Renters

Important DANK Haus Policies

1)    Liability Insurance: It is a policy of the DANK Haus that any renters of hall space provide the DANK Haus with evidence of special event general liability insurance in the amount no less than $1 million for each occurrence AND add DANK Haus as additional insured. Typically, premiums for special event general liability insurance range from $250 - $300. If you require this type of insurance, please call Maggie Granholm, Assured Partners (25 Northwest Point Blvd, Suite 625, Elk Grove Village, IL 60007) (d: 847.258.6700) (e:

2)    Liability Insurance (caterer): If renter engages the services of a catering company, the catering company shall provide the DANK Haus with evidence of general liability insurance including products liability in the amount no less than $1 million for each occurrence AND naming DANK Haus as additional insured and certificate holder.

3)    Liability Insurance (liquor): If liquor is served, evidence of liquor liability insurance needs to be provided. Please note: If you choose to go through the DANK Haus for bartending services, you are covered from a liquor liability standpoint.

4.)   Decorations: All rentals include the option to display decorations for your event on the first floor and in the elevator. These items can be displayed the morning of the event at the earliest. First floor decorations should be limited to a single table that will be positioned next to the elevator (ex. A stylized announcement or welcome sign for your guests that will direct them towards the elevator). Elevator decorations should be limited to posters, streamers, or other two-dimensional items that can be easily removed without causing damage or discoloration of the elevator walls. Please note that the plastic wall mounted sign holders in the elevator do not open outward. Paper signs slide in and out of the sides only. Pulling the panel outward will result in damage to the holder and a replacement fee will be deducted from the deposit accordingly.

We also ask that you refrain from removing, damaging, or obstructing any DANK Haus signs or posters. The DANK Haus often hosts multiple events in one evening for the general public that are also advertised in the elevator, hallways, and entryway. Tampering with building signage (ex. Room capacity signs, fire instructions, room numbers, etc) is a safety hazard and is expressly prohibited.

5.)  Kitchen & Bar Policies:

  • Before leaving, all counters, sinks, and work surfaces must be cleaned and sanitized.

  • All additional equipment (AV, tableware, etc.)  must be packed and set aside to be ready for immediate pick up following your event.

  • Note: With prior notification, we will allow a delayed equipment pick up time provided that the items to be held at the Haus are cleaned of all remaining food and drink and can be stacked and stored without obstructing exhibits or passageways. 

6.) DANK Haus Terrace Policies:

With the recent remodel of the terrace, we have instituted the following policies:

  • Only terrace furniture is allowed, this includes aluminum tables and chairs. We are also able to accommodate highboy cocktail tables upon request. 

  • No smoking is permitted on the terrace or anywhere inside/outside of the DANK Haus. You must go outside the building to smoke. 

  • Do not relocate planters. In the event you obtain prior approval to relocate the planters, you must return the planters to the original location at the end of the event. 

  • Glass is not permitted on the terrace.

  • Do not lean over the guardrail or edge.

  • Do not set drinks or cups on the guardrail or ledge, use the tables provided.

  • Open fire is not allowed.

  • No confetti allowed.

  • No stickers or adhesives allowed on the terrace pavers.

  • No fireworks or Chinese lanterns allowed.

  • Kids under the age of 14, must be supervised/accompanied by an adult

Any of these violations could cause the terrace to be closed down without refund.

All vendors including catering and staffing need to send a Certificate of Liability to The names of all other service providers including musicians, performers, florists, etc. should be sent to as we often have multiple events at a time.

Questions about Rental Pricing?

Please download our Rental Pricing Guide for more information about pricing.

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We appreciate renters and value your feedback. Let us know how we did!

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