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Our Teaching Philosophy

    What is your teaching philosophy?

            We see children as a whole person, whose natural curiosity leads the activities she takes part in. Our teachers help our young students to enhance a child’s experiences. We want to not only teach German, but lean on the philosophies of German Kindergarten and Vorschule, as well as the American preschool and Kindergarten ideas, which aspire to develop the building blocks needed for later learning.
          • At our Haus we strive to be respectful and inclusive, and while the German language structure has a rigid binary structure, we are aware of the implications of these norms, and aspire to teach our children a more inclusive way of using these structures. And although there are limitations to what the language allows grammatically, please let us know directly if you have a preferred noun and/or pronoun you and/or your child would like to be addressed with.

    How will teachers deal with tantrums, toilet accidents, and unacceptable behaviour (kicking, biting, etc.)?

            Our teachers are well-trained in managing tantrums, toilet accidents, as well as unacceptable behaviour. Our teachers will always present the children with positive role-models, redirect their attention, and teach the children acceptable alternatives to resolve a conflict. Our teachers will never use any form of corporal punishment, and will never withhold food or care as a punishment for any kind of behaviour. 

    How is German taught in class?

      Our students “acquire” the language, rather than learn it in an academic setting (like a college student would). They do this through play, movement, hands-on learning, and music, with the child’s curiosity driving the direction of exploration.  Click here to learn more about the stages of second language acquisition.

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