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I am a Licensed Architect with over 25 years of work experience in the United States and overseas.  My areas of expertise include residential high-rise, commercial high-rise, hotels, hospitality and mixed-use, convention centers, stadiums and shopping malls.  I am currently a Consultant for Project Management on design and construction projects of all sizes as well as an expert on the analysis of building systems.

I began my interest in Germany while studying Architectural Design at the University of Illinois at Chicago.  A particular course of special study I took was the ‘Bauhaus School of Design’.  After that class, I knew I had to go to Germany and investigate further my interest in the modern International Style of Architecture.  I studied the German language in Berlin and worked there and in Hamburg for over seven years. 

In Chicago, German history is everywhere but many of the great buildings and institutions are slowly disappearing, so it is with great pleasure that I am working to keep the DANK Haus alive and prepared for the future.  I support the DANK Haus through my Board Membership and will continue to volunteer to keep it an icon in the City of Chicago.  Architecture is important to everyone; it’s what we are, who we are and what we are going to become.  By learning from the past we can strive to become better in the future.

The DANK Haus building was built in 1927 by the German born Architect, Paul Gerhardt who also built many other notable buildings in Chicago.  This building’s legacy should be preserved for future generations to enjoy along with its German heritage.  I am committed to help not only through my profession in preservation but also by communicating to others the importance of this institution and bringing guests and interest to the DANK Haus, Chicago.

German American Cultural Center
4740 North Western Avenue 
Chicago, IL 60625

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