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ROBERT WOYACH  |  1st Vice President

Since childhood, I was interested in my family's history; as a family we at no time aligned to the view of what Americans thought of as "German."  We did not wear lederhosen or dirndls; I never ate sauerbraten or pickled meats.  As my family was from the area east of Berlin, we are the "militaristic, landowner-farm type" from Prussia.  I am a history buff along with an avid genealogist; knowing German is a huge asset.

I received my BA in German studies from The American University in Washington, DC; had an internship with the United Nations in Vienna, in the Atomic Energy Commission's library.  As a student of Spanish as well as German, I found the internship valid and useful.  My goal was to work in the State Department; however, due to government setbacks, I turned my attention to the travel industry, where I have stayed for nearly 25 years.

I have worked with Swissair, prior to the dissolution of the carrier in 2002, along with Lufthansa and United Airlines, all in conjugation with German language skills.  Currently, I am employed by Orbitz.com. in Customer Relations.  While at Orbitz, I received my MA in Liberal Arts from the University of Chicago.  Additionally, due to the companies' stance on community give back, I have been a docent/volunteer at the Chicago History Museum since 2007, initially as an education docent and tour guide; however, I have taken additional duties as a workshop leader for two programs in association with the State of Illinois's core qualities of a curriculum mandate.

I live within the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago; I enjoy taking the CTA and have not owned a car in 11 years, which is environmentally sound. I hope that my background in travel and tourism along with the docent work will be an asset for the DANK as I can foster relationships with both communities for more outreach and utilization of German culture and language education.

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