Catering vendors, please send a Certificate of Liability to rentals@dankhaus.com 

Who is the contact person day of?
Your first and best point of contact will be at the freight entrance, where a facilities person will assist you with deliveries and access to the space. The office does not accept phone calls the day of an event.

Where can I park?
After business hours, guests are welcome to park in the MB Financial Lot at Western & Gunnison. Metered street parking is available in 3-hour increments. MB Parking Map

Where do I deliver?
In the alley behind Western, south of Lawrence, our freight entrance is marked 4740 on a black & gold door to the high right. Please ring once, the facility person will be there shortly. Keep in mind it is a large building and it will take a minute to answer the door. After delivering, please move your vehicle to the bank lot or street, depending on time and day. Facilities will have some carts available.

When may I deliver?
We highly encourage deliveries a day or two prior to the event. Delivery hours are between 9:00am and 6:00pm. Saturday deliveries are accepted after 10:00am.

When may I pick up?
If you cannot take things the same night, please come on Monday between 9:00am and 4:00pm. The facility is closed on Sundays.

What equipment is provided?
If the host opts for full kitchen use, the equipment available includes the amenities below. Kitchen must be cleaned to condition received.

  • Handwash sink
  • 3-part sink
  • 2 commercial ovens
  • 6-foot stainless island
  • 4-foot stainless surface
  • 10-foot laminate surface
  • Trash cans & bags
  • Ice

Do we need to set up tables and chairs?
No, the room is ready to drop linen.

Do we need to break down tables and chairs?
No, but please be mindful of cleaning up accordingly. 

What size linens do I need?

72" round 108" or 120" for dining/ 132" to floor
8' long 72x144 for dining/90x156 to floor
32" oval hi boy 120" to floor/132' with tied sash

DANK Haus Policies

  • 1)    It is a policy of the DANK Haus that we require any renters of hall space provide DANK Haus with evidence of special event general liability insurance in the amount no less than $1 million for each occurrence AND add DANK Haus as additional insured. Typically, premiums for special event general liability insurance range from $250-$300. If you require this type of insurance, please call Riehn Insurance (this is the DANK Haus’ insurance provider) at 773-561-4200.
  • 2)    If renter engages the services of a catering company, the catering company shall provide the DANK Haus with evidence of general liability insurance including products liability in the amount no less than $1 million for each occurrence AND naming DANK Haus as additional insured and certificate holder.
  • 3)    If liquor is served, evidence of liquor liability insurance needs to be provided. 

Outside Vendors & Cleaning Policy: Kitchen & Bar

  • Before leaving, all counters, sinks and work surfaces must be cleaned and sanitized.
  • All additional equipment (AV, tableware, etc.)  must be packed and set aside and ready for pick-up immediately following your event.
  • Note: with prior notification, we will allow a delayed equipment pick-up time provided that the items to be held at the Haus are cleaned of all remaining food and drink, and can be stacked and stored without obstructing exhibits or passageways. 

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