The Willi Scharpenberg Gallery hosts rotating artistic and historical exhibits year round. The Gallery was created to support the DANK Haus mission of preserving and promoting cultural heritage. We welcome submissions that attend to the German American or immigrant experience, cross-cultural projects, or other works/exhibitions that engage with cultural diversity. Artists interested in submitting a proposal for a gallery exhibition should carefully review the Exhibition Proposal Guidelines.  All exhibitions must adhere to the Scharpenberg Gallery Guidelines and Policies.


"Living Memory: German Americans In Their Own Words"

In 2019, the DANK Haus recorded over 20 audio interviews with German speakers in our local community. The exhibition "Living Memory: German Americans In Their Own Words" debuts the stories of these real, contemporary human beings, through audio clips and powerful quotes. Meet some of the interviewees and hear remarks from our core project funder, the German American Heritage Institute.

Alongside the oral histories will be a debut of the Eintracht Newspaper, a newly acquired collection that we preserved through a preservation grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities.

This event is free and open to the public, in the Scharpenberg Gallery on our 4th floor. After the reception, the regular exhibition hours are Tues–Sat 10am–4pm through April 17, 2020.


Lost German Chicago

The exhibition features art, artifacts, and memorabilia from within Chicago’s German-American community. The items record what has been lost in the Chicago German community while archiving and preserving that which has been entrusted to the DANK Haus.

Highlights include:

  • Exquisite wood carvings dedicated to the Germania Club by the Oscar Mayer family
  • Relics from the Deutsches Haus at the Columbian Exposition
  • Hessen Verein standards
  • Items from dozens of restaurants including the original Red Star Inn, Schulien’s Math Igler’s Casino, the Golden Ox, among others
  • Memories of St. Boniface Church
  • Delicatessen Meyer
  • FC Hansa (german soccer club)
  • The Schiller Liedertafel
  • Schoenhofen Brewery
  • Lincoln Park Turner Hall

Brewers, Bakers, and Bratwurst 

A new permanent exhibition celebrating the German culinary tradition of Chicago's North Side. Highlights include memorabilia, photographs, and artifacts from Harry & Guenter Kempf famous Lincoln Square Restaurant, the Chicago Brauhaus. Dive into the history behind Sauerkraut Boulevard in this interactive exhibit. Brewers, Bakers, and Bratwurst located on the second floor near the main offices. 


"Once Upon A Stein... Bier Steins and the Stories They Tell"

You think you know a beer stein when you see one? They are more than just cups; "typisch deutsch" with their ornate lids and handles. Expand your idea of what makes a beer stein at our exhibit "Once Upon A Stein... Beer Steins and the Stories They Tell". The Opening Reception is Friday, September 20th located in our Scharpenberg Gallery. Shown in all shapes and sizes, these cups are sure to spark conversations about health, gender, work, leisure, and more.

Historic Mural Collection

Black Forest Peace Symphony

Chicago Architektur

Glory of Germania

70 Years of Pow Wow

Culture Bridge


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