New Exhibit

Young Turkish Artist in Chicago!

September 10 - October 1, 2016

We kindly invite you to the opening of Tan Taşpolatoğlu's first international solo exhibition; Derealization II. This young Turkish artist's exhibt is curated by Derin Isikman Baratka.

"Derealization is disorder where people feel like they don’t belong anywhere and that nothing is real. They are emotional detached and feel like there is no color or meaning in the world. Derealization is a deep and impactful topic which should not be suppressed in our society. The project will help educate and comfort people so they understand they are not alone and they can overcome their own depression through art."

Open by appointment: Contact 773-680-6270


  Back in Session

History Class Series III: Renaissance & Reformation

Thursdays 7:00 - 9:00 pm | Starts: September 22, 2016

Broaden your general knowledge and explore the very foundations of Western European history, culture and civilization! The third installment of our popular history class series will take you on an exciting journey from the Middle Ages through the Italian Renaissance and Protestant Reformation all the way to the Thirty Years War.

Moderator Mike Haas (B.A. Sociology, University of Illinois, at Urbana, Champaign; M.A. History, DePaul University, Chicago) offers an insightful, fact and fun filled evening, light on lecture & heavy on visual presentation and discussion! No text books, no tests, no homework, no papers! Just a sincere interest and curiosity is all that is required! Come and learn! Come and share!

Check out the syllabus!

For further information contact Mike at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 312- 420- 9919

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  Culinary Treats

Kulturküche Cooking Classes - Zwiebelkuchen

Friday 30 September 2016 | 6:30 pm

Join chef Rita to make a traditional German "onion pie" - a savory German delicacy containing steamed onions, diced bacon, cream, and caraway seeds. Unlike quiche, it is baked on yeast dough, creating a flavorful dough and onion combination as the lean dough becomes crispy in the oven and does not overwhelm the toppings.

This tasty German fall dish is especially popular in the wine-growing regions of southwestern Germany, where it is served by local winemakers when their new wine (also "Federweisser" or "Moscht") comes out. Since new wine starts to ferment a few weeks after crush, it is only available for a short time.

To give you the full Zwiebelkuchen experience, we will serve  German wine at this class. Welcome the new season by learning how to make a unique dish that will make you feel warm inside even as the days start to get colder. But act fast: Before you know it, Zwiebelkuchenzeit will be over!

Class fee includes recipe, hands-on demonstration, one drink from the bar, generous tasting, and great camaraderie.

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Every 4th Friday

Stammtisch Open Haus - Oktoberfest

Friday 21 Oktober 2016 | 6:30 pm

Cap of your Oktoberfest season at the best fest in town, featuring Paloma Band Chicago, free admission and authentic German food and drinks. Attendees will enjoy plenty of yodeling, dancing, and pretzel eating! Come wearing your finest dirndl and lederhosen to the Oktoberfest of the Season at the DANK Haus!


Free Admission

Food and drinks available for purchase


Special Event

Haunted Haus Halloween Party

Saturday 29 Oktober 2016 | 7:00 pm

Test your courage and discover the spooky side of the DANK Haus at our Haunted Haus Halloween Party! At this exclusive event, we will take you on a frightening tour of our forbidden rooms where the ghosts of DANK will come alive and let you in on the secrets of our 90-year old building. After the scariest elevator ride of your life, you can try to steady your knees at our adult-beverage trick-or-treat, but beware: these concoctions are not for the faint of heart! Eventually, you will get to dance your fear away at our freaky costume party, but watch out: you never know what will go bump in the night!

Guests must be 21 years and older.
Come dressed to impress and win our costume contest!

Tickets are limited!


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