About the DANK Haus German American Cultural Center

Founded in 1959, DANK stands for Deutsch Amerikanischer National Kongress. The DANK Haus is the original chapter, now known as the Chicago North Chapter of DANK.

Our mission is to preserve and promote German culture, heritage, and language through activities including, but not limited to, maintaining a center consisting of a museum, art gallery, library, and language school, and organizing educational and social programming focusing on and emphasizing the history, traditions, and contributions of Germans and German Americans.


DANK Haus was built in 1927 by architect Paul Gerhardt , son in law of a Chicago Alderman and architect of Cook County Hospital, Lane Technical High School, Von Steuben High School, and the L&H Company Building.

It was built for the Three Links Association, a jolly fellows club, whose logo can be seen on the cornerstone and the doorknobs of the Marunde Ballroom. DANK purchased the property in 1967 through the generosity of members who used their own homes as collateral. Over the years, DANK has been host to a spa, a business college, a restaurant, a hotel, and a cafe. In 2003, the facility narrowly escaped being sold, rescued by the infusion of a dedicated and energetic Board and membership. Significant capital improvements have been made over the years and more are on the horizon.

And yes, there is an Olympic sized lap pool in the lower level.


DANK is conveniently located in Lincoln Square, half block north of the Western Brown Line station. After business hours, guests are welcome to park in the MB Financial parking lot at Western & Gunnison. Metered parking is available in 3-hour increments on Western Ave. If you need to secure a bicycle, please alert the staff.

Commonly Requested information


Consulate General

Chicago is also home to the Midwest German Consulate General. Please contact their office directly for passport and visa information. 

Social Security

For those requiring Austrian, Swiss, German or Dutch Social Security assistance, please contact Falkenberger Pension Services.


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