About the DANK Haus German American Cultural Center

The DANK Haus German American Cultural Center is a nonprofit cultural center and language school for the education, preservation, and interpretation of German American culture and language in Chicago, Illinois. 

Mission Statement

Our mission is to preserve and promote German culture, heritage, and language through activities including, but not limited to, maintaining a center consisting of a museum, art gallery, library, and language school, and organizing educational and social programming focusing on and emphasizing the history, traditions, and contributions of Germans and German Americans.

History of the Cultural Center


The original DANK (Deutsch Amerikanischer National Kongress) chapter and organization was founded. Our chapter is now known as Chicago North.


The German language school for children in elementary and middle school begins.


DANK Chicago North purchased the current 77,000 sq. ft. property at 4740 N. Western Avenue in Chicago, Illinois.


The facility was almost sold. The next generation infused dedication and energy to the Board of Directors and membership to create the German American Cultural Center.


The Cultural Center celebrates the 50th anniversary as an organization.


The Cultural Center celebrates the 50th anniversary of the German language school, which also includes language instruction for adults, as well as special courses on history and theater.

History of the Building


The current DANK Haus building was designed by architect Paul Gerhardt, son in law of the Chicago Alderman and architect of Cook County Hospital, Lane Technical High School, Von Steuben High School, and the L&H Company Building. It was originally built for the Three Links Association, a jolly fellows club.


DANK Chicago North purchased the building at 4740 N. Western Ave., Chicago, IL.


The façade improvement was completed through generous donations from members and the community. The much-needed improvement shined a new light on the building and the streetscape in the Lincoln Square community.


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